Project: HocusDoom

So now I'm working on a new mod with a change of pace compared to my other stuff. For one thing, this one is for GZDoom, using 3d floors, 32bit color, md2 models, and various scripting and decorate trickses.

The goal of this mod is to recreate Hocus Pocus, a 1993 sidescroller by Apogee (which would become 3dRealms later on), in Doom, and add on to it with a fresh new angle (other than now being in 3d). The object of Hocus Pocus was fairly simple; collect as much treasure as you can, kill various magical monsters, and collect magic crystals to complete each map, all while trying to beat the clock for extra bonuses!

It seems the dimensional paths of Lattice still aren't safe even with the defeat of Terraxin and Hocus's promotion to the Wizard's Council. It seems the council has turned against the young accomplished wizard over a misunderstanding of what color robes to wear for a fancy ceremony. He has been kicked off the council and tossed to the backwater dimensions of Lattice. He must now find his way back and show that council a thing or two about proper wizardry!

Done so far:
  • Textures for Mushroom Kingdom and Nighttime Forest (areas one and two),
  • several monster sprites and effects,
  • weapons (there's three total with powerups for each one)
  • music ripped from the game in mp3 format (to sound just like it did on the original Soundblaster card)
  • Sounds
  • one map so far, others started
  • some md2 models
I'm still debating on whether to just make models for the monsters, or keep them as sprites. The only problem with sprites right now is creating additional rotations for each one (except for most flying monsters. They don't really need extra ones.). I made one model for the Bugbear (that brown thing from area 2)

Kinda still needs work, but it's progress!